Visitor's Comments.

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 Vistas And Visions Exhibition (a) 200947    The Red Room 344    The Yellow Room 3 

Unfortunately, this website can't allow visitors to leave their comments, so I've included some here from people who have taken the trouble to e-mail me with their observations.


Colour, tone and texture, but above all there's evidence of your love of the places and so I thank you for sharing that with the rest of us 'mere mortals'!  John L. Derbyshire


Oh, how I wish I could have spent longer in your exhibition! It all said so much to me, I was almost moved to tears! Mrs. A. Liverpool


Full of atmosphere and colour! One can feel the weather! Walter N. Manchester.


We are great fans of the areas and the terrain and now are in love with your paintings! A.L & G.N


Wonderful stuff, Michael. I love the way you capture the atmosphere of Wales. - Katrin D. Flintshire


You obviously love the places you paint and it shines through in your works. The one I bought is even better than it looked on the website!  Thank you. -  Jonathon K., Gloucester.


Boring old stuff that's got nothing to do with painting in the 21st century! - Anonymous


I just love the two paintings of Porthclais and Porth Maenmelyn, two places I've visited in Pembrokeshire - wish I could afford to buy them both!  Jackie M., Norwich.


It is so nice to see that my tutor (OCA) can do it as well as write crits about my work, and help me to develop as an artist.  Thank you so much for pointing me here, I've learned such a lot!  R.J.W., Eire


I'm pleased that you think you still have a lot to learn!  I agree with you!  Malcolm G. Essex


 Your pictures really evoke the feelings I get when I see the countryside.  Wish I could record it all as effectively as you do.  Dorothy E., Lancashire


I just love your paintings!  I really appreciate it when an artist explains what ‘moves’ them – and your poems and sketchbooks help me understand more.  I am also moved by landscape and by history, and I would like to find a way to express that in painting.  Visiting your website today has given me new impetus to get started!     Hugh G, Scotland


Thank you for letting us look through your eyes at the world!  K.T. Manchester.


I came in out of the rain and discovered the many weathers in your work -Thank You! KB, Manchester


There is a lovely, ethereal quality in so many pieces, particularly the watercolours.  Julie M. Manchester.  


Your paintings capture a real cleansing, rinsing feeling of water running over ancient rocks which is very invigorating. H.B. Manchester


You work has reminded me of the wonderful secrets to be found in Nature.  D. Wilson, Manchester