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 Derbyshire DrystonesMike 1Pressely , Pembrokeshire 

I hope you have enjoyed encountering my work, and perhaps understanding some of the reasons for doing it.  If you would like to tell me of your reactions I will enjoy reading your e-mails and learning from them, although I can't promise to answer all of them. 


If you have an idea for a project in which you would like me to participate, please contact me.


I'm based in the Northwest of England and can travel easily to most parts of the country.


If you would like to purchase one of the works please contact me so that we can agree on prices, mounting and framing.


If you have an idea for a painting in my style, which you would like me to undertake on your behalf, please contact me so we can agree the details of the commission.


My e-mail address is (There's an _ between mike and stevenson!)

Send me your e-mail address or telephone number and I'll get back to you.